New Release (mainly bugfixes)

Posted by ALB42 on 16. August 2013No Comments

After a long time again a little bugfix release of fpc, and first release of clipboard support for aros (there is an example script in the src directory of fp)
The news:

  • lower case filenames for FP-ide
  • better handling of parameter with quotes and empty parameter
  • NewObjectA in intuition with right calling
  • fixed wrong pathes when started from WB and file is in root
  • Bugfixes for Copyfile-routine in fileutil (lcl) and some other fileutil routines
  • Copy to AROS Clipboard, paste from AROS Clipboard added to FP IDE
  • GetTextFromClip and PutTextToClip functions added (as easy function to use clipboard in aros)
  • Iffparse unit added

Download like always on the fpc aros page

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