AROS64, again, this time ABI 11?

Posted by ALB42 on 7. Februar 20222 Comments

I wrote already some times about the AROS64 stuff, I find it very interesting definitely a way forward for AROS, but seems not really many interested. Even I supply most of my programs for 64bit AROS they never gets downloaded, or even used. Now there is a new Version after ABI_V1, SMP now it’s called ABI_V11, whatever that means.

I wanted to make the needed changes to Free Pascal that we can use fpc on it but I really do not understand how this syscall stuff works, so I had to ask charlie. Finally today he finished the work on it and I was able to tests some thing. The good thing is that this ABI_V11 leave out that nasty SMP stuff which made the structures huge and hard to align, so basically it was a recompilation of most of my programs.

There are some problems, the keyboard for example has some problems, most special chars do not work (in Linux hosted), like „:“, „/“ and some more hard to do anything without them in Amiga-style systems.

But here we are, nicely have some of my programs running on x86_64-aros ABI_V11.

I guess it is time to fire a new Version of „The 100% useless AROS Distribution“ with this new ABI_V11, Free Pascal works, so that should be the new basis

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  1. Gavin sagt:

    „but seems not really many interested“
    Post a 64bit iso standalone again please. I am very interested!!

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