Hex2 for SinclairQL

Posted by ALB42 on 19. Mai 2021No Comments

Charlie was introducing SinclairQL port of Free Pascal, another platform using m68k processor. To be honest I never heard of it before. It also uses vasm and vlink as on Amiga, so it’s rather easy to create the cross compiler for it, the port is still in a very early stage but some stuff is already working, for example my HEX2 pocket calculator already works nicely (after some tine bugfixes 😉 in the code and in the Free Pascal code). I got a emulator for SinclairQL and it works, very nice.

If you want to try you can download the program here: Hex2-QDOS

Some little facts I should mention, the source was developed for TurboPascal 3.3 for CP/M (for my KC85) I tried a lot o things, all seems to work, but maybe some errors still hidden.

Because it was developed for KC85, so very little RAM available I decided to load the error messages and help messages from file only when needed. But that seems not so easy on SinclairQL. I had to add the „mdv1_“ (representing the first microdrive) before the filename that it can find the help or error file. Until now it seems there is no way to find out at which drive my program is (ParamStr(0) is empty), so I just hard coded that for now.

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