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Posted by ALB42 on 10. Oktober 2019No Comments

Improved the real time raytracer (no GL, just pure Math-Power 😉 ) a lot today, first introduced movement, standard „wasd“-Movement and mouse look. then I thought it would be cool to select blocks and change/remove them, for that I had to rewrite the raytracer to remember where I hit which block, but then the raytracing part became much slower, so I wrote a second routine exclusively for selecting Blocks (and a face of a block) which worked nicely. Of course much cooler it would be to also set new blocks. Easiest way is to just look at a face of a Block and add there an other Block. And it works well. I made a little movie to show how it looks like now.

You might notice that the image becomes a bit worse when moving. I decided to lower the resolution when moving, so you can fast move but have a nice image when stand ;-).

Again I show that on Icaros64, why, easy, it’s much faster, around double speed I would guess. You might ask why that is the case, easy, you have a lot more registers in x86_64 also for SSE3-Math calculations so much less memory access. And I also guess the optimizer for x86_64 in FreePascal is better than the one for i386. But it comes with a price, the exe is much bigger, 160k for i386, 260k for x86_64, but still rather small when you consider what it can do already 😉

Ah you want to play with it, sure: for i386-aros and Icaros64-alpha

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