RealTime Draco

Posted by ALB42 on 8. Oktober 2019No Comments

Again playing with 3D stuff, realtime raytracing, but this time a little bit stripped that it also can work on a real 68k Amiga, like the Draco, so without mirrors and so on. The new improvement by Charlie in the FreePascal compiler seems to work as it should be and also increase the speed a little bit, so it’s almost fast. Ok its still horrible slow, but hey the first version needed around 10s per frame, now it’s under 2s.

Also tested with AROS and because its the new „hot stuff“ of course on AROS64 and even the image is 4 times bigger it moves smoothly. If you make it the same size as the Amiga68k one, it needs around 8ms per frame but the window is very tiny.

It’s still heavy with floating point calculations so the 68060 is very good to use the 68881 will be much too slow. I also tried the Vampire 68080 which have a much faster but not so precise FPU. Good news it works, bad news it looks broken. I only use Singles everywhere and removed all Round() from the source but still it looks completely wrong, no idea why.

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