Buhddabrot AROS

Posted by ALB42 on 7. März 20192 Comments

A while before I played around with the SMP AROS version sadly I never really got it to work. Either it was just crashing or do not use all cores and now the development of it seems to be frozen. The AROS devs published a Video how a buhddabrot fractal was calculated with multiple threads.

I took that idea, because the buhddabrot fractals look beautiful and wrote an own buhddabrot program in FreePascal to test that with the SMP. But now SMP AROS basically dead now I found the program again and played a little bit with it, make it single threaded and created a little GUI for it, to play with parameters.

2 comments to "Buhddabrot AROS"

  1. Samuel Crow sagt:

    AROS ARMEB for the RasPi 2 and 3 will have SMP also.

    • ALB42 sagt:

      Sorry, if I do not get excited about such claims… but I only believe that, when it is finished and working on my Raspi. For now not even the long time promised native Raspi Version works only the Linux hosted one, which I use (and write my programs for).

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