Let the Dragon sing

Posted by ALB42 on 5. März 2019No Comments

As I wrote before I did not get Delitracker to work, and also some other programs, I expected to work seems to have some problems. Now, that was not quite right, Delitracker was working, just the mods sounds very wrong wrong speed too fast and slow at the same time and sometimes it just shows a black screen.. even it’s still playing the background. An other odd thing I noticed, some programs (even my own pascal programs) have very strange timing behavior. Then I remembered that there is even a special Draco Alert when some program try to access the CIA and I saw them when trying to start some programs. My Draco does not have CIAs installed, but of course they are needed for exact (Amiga style) timing, especially when playing modules. I bought two CIAs and installed them today. And voila, Delitracker is working with AHI Noteplayer. With some mods (especially chipies) you can hear that there is a difference to the original Paula sound, but it’s good enough for everyday use, at least for me.

I opened my usual visualization, MonoScope, Quadrascope+ and it’s working very smooth, very fast drawing. This is a little bit odd, or unexpected for me at first glance. I did exactly the same on the A600 with Vampire and the visualization always started to become a little bit slow, especially the Quadrascope+ in combination with MonoScope on bigger Screens (like 800×600) so I disabled the Quadrascope+ there. But here on the Draco, even I make the Quadrascope+ a quarter of the screen and Monoscope and other quarter it stays fast. In my mind this slowdown was always due to RTG vs. AGA/ECS and the DeliGenies are clearly optimized for AGA/ECS. (Vampire was my first RTG Amiga). But now it seems on the Draco everything is smooth and fast, so it’s not an RTG iussue. Very nice.

If you have a Draco, install the CIAs it will improve the compatibility a lot, it’s not difficult, even I was able to do it myself :-P.

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