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  1. aha sagt:

    Cool! Which other software was converted? And i have read about some problems regarding differences for definitions of structures in C vs Pascal – how big is the difference, for example for the audio output in the end?

  2. magorium sagt:

    Sorry aha, i missed your post.

    To answer your question, the difference in audio output between c and pascal for DT-42 is none (or at least, should be none).

    The differences you perhaps heard about was concerning another port (hively-replayer), and there the difference originated from my sluggish porting capabilities (i still haven’t finished that project though as it lacks the parts for the AHI audio backend. It is planned)

    The other software that i’v ported was a raytracer engine.

    There are enough interesting projects to port to keep me/us busy for a life-time… so … uhm… how is your spare time doing these days ? 😉

    Even if you would be able to point out interesting source-code (68k that that doesn’t bang the bits too hard, or some smaller examples using sdl 1.2) would be helpful. Some of the 68k beauties are very hard to find.

    Also and unfortunately, not all work done results in an actual release due to various reasons.

    Kind regards,

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