ARM LCL Problems

Posted by ALB42 on 23. November 2016No Comments

In principle the ARM AROS freepascal works very nicely, but some of the LCL programs does crash, especially EdiSyn and Mapparium have this problem. I try to debug it, its strange that it only appears on ARM (i386, PowerPC, m68k no problem at this point). It seems that it is a classical use after free, but the source seems to be right. I need to check if this also happen on the other platforms and only work by random. Or ARM has special properties which bring this error. With some tricks I come around this problem and got EdiSyn and Mapparium to work. Both work well on RasPi AROS but still crash on exit so I guess there are more problems inside.

EdiSyn and Mapparium on ARM-AROS

EdiSyn and Mapparium on ARM-AROS

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