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I tried some linking to AROS C Linklibs on ARM-AROS and the basic example with sqlite3 works rather nicely. But more interesting for me would be the mikmod lib because then I could compile ZuPaPlayer for my RasPi.
The main problem is the Libmikmod is not available for arm as binary. But I found the source a while ago. I tried to compile directly on the ARM-AROS and it works. And I was also amazed that also my ZuPaPlayer compiles without much changes… and you would not believe ZuPaPlayer even plays the sounds without any problems 🙂

ZuPaPlayer on arm-AROS

ZuPaPlayer on arm-AROS

Very nice, my Raspi has a touchscreen, so now I can use my Raspi as nice little Mod Player 😉

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