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Working on the startupcode, added option to alloc a new Stack if the freepascal needed stack is bigger than the stack supplied by AROS. (which is mostly the case, AROS delivers 40k stack, FPC wants 256k). It works, even not completely finished. It’s my first bigger project with arm assembler better let someone check with more arm assembler knowledge 😉
I tried also LCL on arm, but it did not work, the Handlemessage inside MUI/Zune makes the problem. When I checked on the Structures involved. I noticed that on AROS there are two different structures, one for BINCOMPAT mode one without this define. Until now the BINCOMPAT was only needed for m68k, but there is no special m68k-aros but only m68k-amiga and the x64-aros does not work well because AROS on x64 is near to not usable.
The define AROS_FLAVOUR_BINCOMPAT is now defined as default for arm-aros and it seems to work. Compiled the FPCMines as first try and it is working well.



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  1. magorium sagt:

    Hi ALB42,

    You seem unstoppable 😀

    Congratulations and thank you !


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