3 comments to "Edit ARM Freepascal"

  1. Shlomo Abuisak sagt:

    How do you use it ?.
    An explanation pz

    • ALB42 sagt:

      unpack it, put the pp folder where you want to have it (I put it usually into the AROS root so sys:pp)
      open a shell, navigate to the pp folder (e.g. „cd sys:pp“), type „install“. Reboot AROS, FreePascal and FP-IDE is ready to use. Navigate to pp folder and double klick to FP-IDE, or compile your source on shell via „fpc source.pas“

      Have Fun.

  2. Magorium sagt:

    Hi ALB42/Shlomo Abuisak

    Do note that when you have only AROS hosted system archive installed that you also need to replace your development directory with that from the contribution archive, otherwise you will receive errors when compiling. e.g. collect-aros and other binutils are required.


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