ZuPaPlayer 0.2

Posted by ALB42 on 29. Oktober 20164 Comments

Included more menus and key strokes for the different functions, the hotkeys for existing buttons is very easy, there is a special field to trigger them (MUIA_ControlChar). That means you do not have to care about, Zune does it care about. But for other hotkeys, like Volume up, down, mute and so on, it is not possible. I did not get it to work using InputEvent field. The event is fired on keypress. I didn’t find a way to check which key is pressed because the Message pointer points to a Zero-ed area, maybe a Zune bug. In the net I didn’t find a source using that function (except directly, but not via a Hook). Of course it is nice to have the hotkeys also denoted at the menu entry. Sadly the MUI_MenuItem_Commandstring still does not work, so the Amiga sign is always shown at the menu entry with the key. I filed a Bug report about it, but I checked the latest source, it’s still not fixed. I looked into the source and found that this field is just not used and sent to the system. I’m not very good at C coding but even I was able to include this, because it’s just equivalent to the enabled flag for example. The Diff of this change is now included for ABIv0 and ABIv1 and it also work in the latest nightly. Hopefully the next Icaros will also include this change, until that the Amiga-key sign is there, but you do not need to press it.
Besides this I also included a hotkey to open ZuPaPlayer if it is hidden. (Ctrl-Alt-z is the default, but can be configured in the Prefs Window). For this purpose the commodities.library unit had to be included to Freepascal.
Download: ZuPaPlayer 0.2 for ABIv0 i386 AROS

ZuPaPlayer 0.2

ZuPaPlayer 0.2 with Menus and Hotkeys

4 comments to "ZuPaPlayer 0.2"

  1. hi Albs

    is possible to have a x86_64 abiv11 of this program, is very nice player


    • ALB42 sagt:

      I don’t think so, as far as I know there is not mikmod link lib for AROS64 and also I’m not sure if the linking works for x64 (not even sure it still works for i386)

  2. Salvatore Abbate sagt:

    ok I understand thanks


  3. hello albs

    I asked in the aros forum if someone can compile the library needed for zupaplayer to work

    Best Regards

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