m68k broken again.

Posted by ALB42 on 28. Oktober 20162 Comments

It seems the m68k amiga freepascal compiler is broken again. A Simple Hello world program compiled on an Amiga works but when a uses is in the source file the compilation stops with „Fatal: Internal error 201309171“. It happens rather often that the m68k compilation breaks, and it needs always long time to notice it, because I use cross compiling most of the time. (even in UAE native compilation is rather slow). To get faster informed about such things I added a test to my automatic compile server. An E-UAE Amiga with Workbench 3.1 is started and the last compiler is used to compile the example programs. Two of them are also executed (HelloWorld and GenerateMD5, maybe later I write some special testcases). I didn’t have time until now to find out whats the problem, but I hope Charlie can fix that soon.

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  1. Chain-Q sagt:

    Should be fixed now.

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