Create programs for all Amiga platforms with Lazarus

Posted by ALB42 on 20. April 20166 Comments

I created a virtual machine with my compiled Lazarus source and cross compilers for Amiga, AROS and MorphOS. The virtual machine is for VMWare Player. Lazarus and a short description is placed on the Desktop. Should be really easy to use. I used the shared folder feature of VMWare to place the data where the other OS can reach them.


At the start I wanted to use DSL (Damn Small Linux) but sadly I didn’t get it to run (mouse does not move), so I changed to an other one. But the DSL stayed as name. Therefore the package is rather big (1.6 GB packed, 9 GB unpacked).
I hope someone is brave enough to try it and give some feedback.


Virtual machine with Lazarus Amiga, AROS, MorphOS:
VM Lazarus (1544 MB)
MD5: cf3e14797f9ba9882ee66247ee1fbc9f
Check also the FAQ.

I also create a little Introduction Video for this virtual machine use to show how easy it is.

6 comments to "Create programs for all Amiga platforms with Lazarus"

  1. Norman G. King sagt:

    Thank you for making it. I got VMWare Workstation Player to make it work. I tried to convert it to VirtualBox but got errors. I’m trying to see if I can get LUbuntu 15.10 installed with it.

    I can see that it boots into Triskel Linux but I’m not sure how to access the AROS and MorphOS operating systems.

    • ALB42 sagt:

      I used the shared folder option for VMware, your folder can then be found at /mnt/hgfs
      AROS and MorphOS can use Samba to access files on the other computer (that is what I did in MorphOS)
      AROS is a a hosted Version so it uses a linux folder as drive.

  2. Bradley Mathie sagt:

    I am very curious to try this but before taking the effort to download, setup the vm and then write a test program, compile and deploy to an old amiga system in the real world..

    One simple question, which is not noted above… You say for all amiga platforms.. So i assume this means it can compile a stand alone application for even kickstart 1.0?

    • ALB42 sagt:

      All Amiga platforms means every of the 4 platforms AROS, MorphOS, AmigaOS4, Amiga. (Thats the reason I did not write for all Amigas, but Amiga platforms 😛 )

      But for each of them are some limits of course
      for Amiga it should be OS3.0+ 68020+ and if you want to use the LCL classes MUI 3.8

      It is possible to write software for pre-3.0 Amigas and 68000. But there you need to write your own RTL. The current Memorymanager uses Functions introduced with 3.0.
      I did that already, wrote a little copper program which works very nice, but there you can not use Lazarus, but just the freepascal compiler without the units.

  3. Marc sagt:

    Thanks for your fantastic articles! What hardware and AmigaOS would you recommend for Amiga beginners? I thought about buying an old PowerMac G5, but it seems that only MorphOS is capable to run on it? What would be the best and simplest option to start with a real hardware?

    • ALB42 sagt:

      hmm for total beginner? do not buy hardware at all? Use UAE for Amiga68k stuff and maybe if you want some more modern things look into AROS for x86 PCs. It can even work in a Window on Linux or Windows, which is the easiest way to experience that. Search for Icaros.
      MorphOS is nice I have a PowerMac G5 as well (be careful not all are working, only the one with AGP Graphics card will work). MorphOS can execute MorphOS binaries and also 68k Amiga programs, but of course only system compatible programs will work. So no games or so, using the chipset directly. But for that you can use UAE then.

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