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When starting EdiSyn on MorphOS many debug outputs appear in the LogTool which tell something about an odd BltTemplate call. Luckily Jaca from IRC and ond morph.Zone was able to help me and identify this problem as a text output to a bitmap over the edges without a clipping layer. And thats right, I use a buffer bitmap and rastport which does not have a layer. He kindly explained me how to install a trivial layer to it and it work. Much faster now (4 messages per second or so, on every redraw). So I made a little Video about the basic EdiSyn function.

It looks very slow, and sometimes the mouse seems not to react properly but this is only because its recorded via VNC, I didn’t find a screen recording tool for MorphOS.


Besides this I solved the sizing problem for MorphOS. The Window object in MUI returns the outersize of the window, Zune the inner size. The ClientRectangle is taken from this Value in LCL, the problem is that when the ClientRectangle is requested the Window is not open and later it’s cached somewhere so never asked again.
So on GetClientRectangle I check if the window is open and reduce the MUI returned size by the Border of the Window structure. Additionally when the window is open (set visible to True) I invalidate the client rectangle cache, there is a special call for it.

This results in a reasonable size calculation, at least the result looks comparable to AROS/Zune:

Color It on MorphOS

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