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EdiSyn on MorphOS, at least it does not crash anymore, but it need long time to start and the SynEdit does not show anything, Menu also does not work, hmm strange.
EdiSyn @ MorphOS

Some more strange things appear, the Edits does not show the contents if the edit cursor is active in it, when one leave the Edit, the test is visible, also the TextEditor and Scrollbars have some strange colors. But it become even more strange: When I start the m68k-amiga version on MorphOS it looks ok to me (also in WinUAE or on a Native Amiga 1200)

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  1. It may be better to port one of these newer editors. Dont remember its name, but one was released earlier both for VCL and FMX. Completely re-written from scratch, all objects and rendering nearly isolated.
    If i find it again, ill post a link for it

  2. ALB42 sagt:

    For sure, this Editor was not planed, I did only a simple Window with the SynEdit component inside (to show off :-P). But then the people starting to ask to improve it a little bit and I decided to extend it a little bit to gather the interest and maybe someone want to continue the editor later.
    All the programs I wrote for fpc AROS are mainly meant as inspiration source to other people to do something nice with freepascal 😉

  3. magorium sagt:

    Hi Jon,

    Thank you for your interest and writing about it in your blog (we really can use all the attention possible).

    I think you asked in one of your comments about webservers. fwiw: some of the things already run for AROS (fcl-web), but i haven’t checked for classic.

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