Amiga LCL

Posted by ALB42 on 9. Juni 2015No Comments

MorphOS use ELF for its binaries so the resources can be linked directly into the executeable. But Amiga uses Hunk format for executable and fpc is not prepared to link them into the executable so Charlie configurated them as external resources. I was curious if this is working. So I had to compile a new fpcres and bring lcl to compile for Amiga. After preparing some things for MorphOS this was not a big thing.
And on the first try it works already, but it looks wierd, the Window is full screen without any window decorations or button, even I limit the size. I deactivated the layout hook and it looks exactly the same. I have no idea whats wrong there. Same as MorphOS its crashing on Exit, I guess with the same reason.
Besides this its working nicely, even rather fast, at least faster than I expected.

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