The Light is high

Posted by ALB42 on 21. April 20152 Comments

The SynFacialHighlighter seems not to work on AROS, because no WideStringmanager is available, one way would be to write a Widestring manager (maybe would be good idea to do so also for the basic Freepascal implementation) or search for a different customizable highlighter. I found already one (included in Lazarus) SynUniSyn. The main problem is that this is just a very basic port from the delphi SynUniSyn and the original SynUniSyn is very hard to find (at least the original Pages are down, and sourceforge and so on are empty), so no Highlighter example files available. But I found a very old source of an editor wich have in an older repository version the sources and 311 (!!) Highlighters included.
So it works, also on AROS, maybe some tiny changes must be done, for example the C++ highlighter turns everything into uppercase. But this could be done I think, I will play a little bit with it.


Source at Github

Binary AROS i386

2 comments to "The Light is high"

  1. aha sagt:

    Another port in impressive short time by ALB42! Thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. Magorium sagt:

    small correction: it is named SynFacil ( not facial 😉 )

    SynUniSyn looks even more impressive, what a great find :thumbsup:

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