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Posted by ALB42 on 27. März 2015No Comments

Last days I didn’t have much time to work on EdiSyn, much other things to do. And played little bit too much with the contents of the About box which should be introduced *shame on me*.
I added a smooth text scroller, seems magorium had the same idea and made crossfader. hmm both is nice, so I included both for the new release.
Besides this I got an idea hoe to slove some of the loop Notify problems. I also got a crash report, seems also related to the loop notify thing. Two things to reduce the notify loops: 1. Check if the value is changed, and only send to MUI if it has changed. 2. Block the Event if the Value is set by the interface. This should reduce the loop notifies and maybe the crash as well.
An other thing I noticed, seems I had a BIG memory hole in the code when drawing transparent Images to Canvas. The Canvas did no destroy the rastport/bitmap which was created if this Canvas is a free floating canvas, so not connected to a window/widget.
So here is a new release with some bugfixes and little improvements


EdiSyn 0.33


  • FIX: Beep also when searching backwards (Shift F3)
  • ADD: Warn if a file is already open in the editor, jump to this tab
  • ADD: Show full path in Window title.
  • FIX: crash for un/checking TRadiobox
  • ADD: About Box


Download at the EdiSyn Page



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