EdiSyn 0.31 Release

Posted by ALB42 on 24. März 2015No Comments

Some tiny improvements for EdiSyn:

  • ADD: Bookmarks (Ctrl + Shift + 0..9 for set, Ctrl + 0..9 for jump to bookmark) in the picture Bookmark 5 is set.
  • ADD: Bookmark bar can be switched on/off
  • FIX: Crash when close a Tab via key removed (Focus issue)
  • FIX: Better/faster creation of new Editor pages
  • CHG: Show only every 5th line number, looks not so crowded
  • FIX: TabStop setting for Replace Dialog (use tab from search to Replace edit field)
  • CHG: Use MUI Requesters instead of EasyRequest -> looks nicer and the Window behind gets redraw events.

Download: EdiSyn 0.31

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