Milestone reached

Posted by ALB42 on 15. März 2015No Comments

Finally there is something to see in the Synedit control.
Last week I managed to get the lcl so far that it does not crash anymore when there is a synedit inside the window. But there was no drawing at all. Now I traces some deeper into the paint routine of it and manage to let it draw. Many of the WinAPI calls needed were just not implemented in the AROS LCL. A Big step towards a Lazarus at AROS.
It’s not completely working, but you can move the cursor (visible when you hit a begin/end -> Highlight of both) and you can fold/unfold pats of the source by clicking on the boxes on the left side.
The Caret is now shown, I guess due to XOR things missing and typing does not work, which is a little bit strange, the events are there and fired, in the games they are working nicely and the cursor keys work.

SynEdit Control in AROS

SynEdit Control in AROS

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