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Posted by ALB42 on 14. März 2015No Comments

I worked a little bit more on the ImageViewer „APict“ included Zooming and Move with Mouse/Scrollbar, fixed a lot of bugs in my LCL code. Especially the scrollbars was hard to understand, because the MUI scrollbar and the LCL Scrollbars work a little bit different -> need to convert the Positions/Pagesize/Min/Max.
The Result works very nice now, this could really a very helpful tool for me, (even at Windows/Linux) to sort my files. My Plan is to insert some file functions also (delete or copy/move the currently viewed File to an other Folder, this is what I miss in most other image viewers)
At the moment the image loader is rather slow, but I remember I found faster routines in the web maybe later I give it a shot, or make some clever „preload“ of next image.


APict 1.1 for i386-aros

Source again available at GitHub

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