ArTorr Release 0.1

Posted by ALB42 on 2. September 2014No Comments

Today I finished the ArTorr 0.1 Release.
ArTorr 0.1


  • New fancy gui, with pieces and availibility view and more 😉
  • Piece-get randomization
  • Can be started from shell with torrent file as parameter
  • If no parameter given a requester to select will appear


  • Download the archive
  • Unpack at a location you like (in the archive is a Folder with Icon)
  • Navigate to the ArTorr Folder
  • Start the Program by double click onto the icon
  • Select the torrent file
  • See how the download goes
  • Press quit or close at any time to break the download, the download will be continue when you restart with the same torrent file
  • Downloaded files can be found in „Output“ directory in the ArTorr folder

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