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Posted by ALB42 on 2. August 2014No Comments

After the Shift it-game project I switched to a new project I had in mind already long time before.
A two window file explorer, like total commander, midnight commander or so, for aros in fpc or course.

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Yeah I know nobody needs such thing today there are already so many of them out there.
Two reason to start this project:

  1. I’m not really satisfied with the commander like programs at aros, they all missing a good keyboard control. Directory opus is VERY nice, I even use it at Windows, where it has a nice keyboard control. but at aros, it is an ancient version from the old Amiga there the mouse is for sure in the main focus of the programmer. The keybaord control is very difficult, you even have to activate it everytime you have a new window.
  2. the main reason is not really to create a useable program, (if this happen also ok) but is more or less and study object to search for fpgui-AROS or freepascal bugs. There still many inside. I tried with the example programs, but there often it just works.. or the program is already so complex, and not written by me. Its hard to track such bugs in code written by others.

I already found and fixedtwo nasty bugs on handling modal windows, so I think it worth to continue.

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