New Release (rewritten basic units Part 1)

Posted by ALB42 on 16. September 2013No Comments

After a half month of hard work of rewrite the basic units of AROS and make the documentation, I think its time for a new Release to let the people play with it (and find errors, maybe)

So whats new:
Complete rewrite: Exec, AmigaDos, Workbench, Icon, AGraphics
Many new types and constants added. Addtional procedures/functions for variable number of tags as arguments (like known from C). One function in AGraphics is renamed from „GText“ to „GFXText“ comparable to the „DOSFlush“ in AmigaDOS Unit or „ExecInsert“ in Exec.
There are some function which are deprecated or not implemented atm, or only work on real Amigas i try to flag this functions with the right function flags (‚deprecated‘ e.g. „BltClear“, ‚platform‘ e.g. „SetChipRev“, ‚unimplemented‘ e.g. „WaitBlit“) do they should give a warning if a user use them in own code.

Documentation: Exec, AmigaDos, Icon, AGraphics
as HTML here on the Webpage or as CHM as part of the archive file pp/fp/docs/arosunits.chm. For view this files you can use the fp editor, Help->Files but it does not work very well. better is the HH.exe in Windows or the kchmviewer for linux both searchable with index and so on.

like always the download available on the FPC Page

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