New Release!

Posted by ALB42 on 1. September 2013No Comments

A new Release of Freepascal for AROS is out today:

  • Added function ‚GetToolTypes(Filename)‘ to „Icon“-Unit. To get fast the Tooltype entries from the icon
    of a file. Filename (without .info) must be supplied, Result is an array of string (TToolTypeArray)
  • Complete rework Exec, AmigaDos(not completely finished), Icon, Workbench
  • corrected Date in SearchRecord (FindFirst/FindNext) for example FP-IDE Dialog
  • DebugLn/Debug calls to get DebugOutput to AROS Debug Output (for example Sashimi or with hosted AROS the console it was started from)

Like always the download is available at FPC Page

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