Feeling like in school

Posted by ALB42 on 6. Januar 2013No Comments

serk118uk in aros-exec Forum reminded me of the „good old days“ where „it was just little bluescreen with ide and (F5) to compile..“ turbopascal, freepascal has a very similar surface with a turbo vision like surface. I remember that the ide for morphos is already prepared and working, so it should be not so difficult to bring it to aros. So here it is…. I’m feeling younger than ever.

Freepascal ide

besides this I worked on the key press problem it seems now its completely working (except § and some special chars but i dont‘ know why I also need an other keyboard for my computer… this one has no right amiga key so I can’t test it (and no copy paste).

The menu shift problem is partly solved but still needs some testing.

I’m also aware that finally it will be important to write a sort of installation manual and readme for fpc@aro. Also the release archive must be reorganized before it can be a real release of fpc with fpgui. I hope soon I have time for it.

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