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Posted by ALB42 on 10. August 20114 Comments

long time no blog entry… too busy over all work.. house.. family too much to do besides programming.

Some days before some guys asked me to bring the aros fpc into the official Sources. So I created a Patch and announced at mailing list, then Charlie and Florian contacted me and I got an own branch for aros. First aros will be implemented, then checked (I guess by Charlie?) and finally, hopefully come to main trunk. After it, it would be a very good idea to bring the 3 Amiga Systems together (AROS, MorphOS and AmigaOS) Charlie did the implementation for MorphOS, I did Aros… so there should be enough knowledge to bring it together to a much smaller codebase.

Besides this today I checked a little bit about bug reports/wishes… first is rather strange… when you open a Modal requester the Windows behind should be disabled/not click-able… and Aros „shows“ also so.. so if you try to click a Button it shows no click animation. But after closing the modal requester all your clicks done meanwhile the requester was open will fire one after the other…. very bad! … the MUIA_Application_Sleep let the application and all windows sleep.. and shows a Busy pointer… but even here you can still click the button… So now I took the hard way…. I just deactivate all Windows before show the requester.. then it really works.. its just slower because the window must be redrawn.

Modal Requester now deaktivates the Windows behind

The second thing is the OnChange Event in the TMemo now always fired when there is a text change done. This was again a rather easy thing… ok also needed long time.. but just because I forget to set the Hook-procedure to stdcall… seems too long I didn’t care about Events.

Uploaded also a new Version of fpc (Link section)

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  1. HEA sagt:


    I am going to test it now… have some small (new) ideas to test (take a small break with what I am doing now…)

    Generic questions: not related to your update… perhaps I know some of the answers by testing or checking around, but I like to ask them anyway… just incase.

    1. Is it possible to use AROS – FPC to generate a .library? with some library switch (if any)… if not, do you plan it later?

    2. Does FPC support any way of including preCompiled units, packages that could be used as a library at runtime and not be included in the application itself… (I know Delphi could use packages as dynamic libraries but do not know about FPC, even less FPC for AROS)…

  2. No packages. Nothing like it.

    Many have asked, few wanted to work on it. There is a short sketch about what would be required in the wiki, but be warned, it is mostly linking related, and thus platform dependent.

  3. HEA sagt:

    Thanks for your reply… A small quick feedback:

    The modal thing is working…. Great work… I think that the time you have spent on FPC is gold worth…

    However, every solved problem creates one new or more problems… perhaps not big ones… but still a bit annoying…

    I tested your new update, and found out that when you do this


    and write in the TMemo (an extreme example I know) and also if you place several controls on the same TForm (does not need to do something)

    You got serious „flickers“… stupid MUI!

    I was thinking… what about change the underlying GUI toolkit from MUI to a mix of, for example triton.library and fpcGUI? both have full source available of how they implement the GUI components and therefore could be modified to suite the need of LCL way of doing things?

    The major problem I guess is making the most basic control / object as generic as possible so that it will handle almost every class that inherits from it… (An almost full implementation of layers.library in that control?)…

    Anyway this was just an idea… (thats also why I asked if FPC – AROS could genereate a .library of any kind)…

  4. Lazarus is mostly about native widgets (even though the fpgui people make a lot of noise about owner drawn usage).

    If you want to get that way, there is no sense dragging the Lazarus abstractions with you, and it would be wiser to directly base on an owner drawn system IMHO.

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