Sources and basic problems

Posted by ALB42 on 19. Juni 2011No Comments

This Weekend I made the sources of Freepascal and LCL ready for distribute and place on my Webpage to download..:

Besides this I searching for a bug appearing for Windows not opened at startup, but showed later… there seems a big problem… every Redraw of this window let crash the program (sometimes AROS as well).

With a direct call of MUI in a freepascal program it doesn’t happed.

I found a strange error message when open a TForm in LCL:

[intuition] Invalid pointer value d84ded7b at openwindowtaglist.c, line 295
[intuition] Invalid pointer value d84decaf at openwindow.c, line 129
[intuition] Invalid pointer value d84dece7 at openwindow.c, line 184

something like this… every TForm.Show bring up such error message. Looking into code at the given places it seems the pointer value is out of the heap area thats the reason for this message… but WHY? and WHO? i still didn’t get.. The only thing i can guess, is that the pascal objects or resources could be a reason… both I still have to check.

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