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Posted by ALB42 on 30. Mai 20116 Comments

The first and most important work was Code cleaning and debug messages removal to distribute a very first Version of fpc with some lcl units.

Besides this i played around with recordmyDesktop for linux to make Movies. (Tutorials for fpc/lcl?) with the gui its very nice to use, even the selection of area to record is a little bit difficult, because the preview picture is so small.

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  1. HEA sagt:

    Nice work you have created, I looked at your progress here…

    I also downloaded it (from aros-exec archives) and are trying to figure out how it should be installed, hope you provide some guidelines on how soon…

    I also liked the approach, write on some platform compile in AROS…

    I will continue to keep an eye on your progress… as Pascal is my language and it would be nice to contribute one way or another to AROS….

  2. marcus sagt:

    hmm whats the problem? with installation?

    just unpack the contents of the archive to „Development:“. If the Folder bin exists there before already everything should be ok by now and you can start fpc in every shell.

  3. HEA sagt:


    the problem was: lack of doc’s (not blaiming you here) and years without Amiga and the only thing I fooled around with then was MC68K assembler (only to learn).

    from early 90’s I have gone PC and Windows, pascal more or less.

    Anyway I unpacked it, did a CD to the example collection, added path to extracted bin and typed fpc , it did not find the units to use (exec in particalary)…

    now they are located under development: as suggested, and one of the examples did compile fine and was executed… everything is great…

    Now I am going to play around a bit, to see if I could do or invent something with this, as it is now. (if I have time – I am working aswell)

    Thanks for your reply!

  4. marcus sagt:

    have fun, i would like to hear about results/problems and so on.

  5. HEA sagt:

    Hello again…

    I have tested to create an Editor… (only for testing purposes)

    I had to use some workarounds for the moment… however there is something I like to ask…

    In my Editor I have implemented multiple load of files but only one TMemo… the other files is loaded into a dynamic List of TStringList.

    When I use a Memo.Lines.LoadFromFile(OpenDialog.FileName); it works pretty fast, but when I am using:

    Memo.Lines.Assign( TStringList( ArrayOfTStringList[index] ) );

    It gets really slow, this method is used by selecting and display the opened files as well… it is also slow… And yes I know it is in the beginning… But I guess every piece of information is gold worth…

    I have created a video on how it looks like, I hope you do not mind…


  6. marcus sagt:

    Yes this is right i also noticed when i first tested the component.
    The reason is simple, the LCL component just transfers the data line by line to the text field. and mui make a redraw on every line!
    I wrote a special routine for load from file to overcome this.. so i „only“ must also write a special version for assign to overcome this performance problem.. not a big thing I guess. I write it on my list and will include soon. (of course I will announce it here if it is fixed)

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