FPC, MUI, LCL and other nice things

Posted by ALB42 on 8. Mai 2011No Comments

 An Update for FPC is published at AROS exec, in princple the first really working. Already included now some aros/amiga units like exec, amigados, agraphics (instead of graphics which exists in lcl), intuition gadtoos and of course MUI. Also I put in the MUI example program (see yesterday) into the examples folder.

Last Version of fpc for AROS

Today I started to implement the MUI classes for LCL. For this purpose I wrote a wrapper unit, which makes the classes existing in the MUI library directly accessible, like any other Pascal class. The first results look already very promising… in fact the handling of MUI and LCL is not that different especially the events are much easier to handle than gadtools. A little bit bad on the first view was, that MUI does not allow own position of Components, only automatic positions available (group concept very close to GTK) but by setting and Layout Hook and add and Left, Top, Width and Height to every Object I was able to disable this behaviour… I know this behaviour is very nice, special for scaled GUIs, but sadly LCL does not support such behaviour, as fas as I know. After some work I got


which looks already very nice, at least much better than gadtools. Events also already working very nicely… just some class fields are a little bit strange… the documentation of MUI is hmmm how to say.. not very nice to use.

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