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I noticed, now there is an AmiSSL for AROS. So I took out my old test code I created for Amiga AmiSSL (and which is now an important part of AmiFox). But sadly it does not work at all, open library works also the InitSSL() routine seems to work (special AmiSSL stuff). But the first real openssl function SSL_CTX_new() Create a new context crashes 🙁

Funny that it works for Amiga but on AROS it behaves strange again. Yeah so AmiFox would work but only without SSL so no secure connection and nearly no downloads (most of them need SSL)

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  1. Thanks to Albs we are working on Amissl, Amifox is a rewarding effort also for the AROS community

  2. aha sagt:

    Not yet. Serk say, it is still work in progress
 he is aware of the problems and is working on it.

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