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Posted by ALB42 on 23. April 2022One Comment

I bought a new bike, which I will use mainly for training (and keep the other bike for my daily way to work). Because my usually training round has a lot of rough streets in it I decided against a racing bicycle, but I do not go too rough terrain so a mountain bike was also not suitable. I found something in between called gravel bike, still very light but it will not break directly when you jump a curb or drive a forest path. It should be very light so I search for a full carbon frame. Finally I found a very nice one and noticed there is even a shop nearby where I could test it.

It’s a Cannondale Topstone Carbon 6 in abyss blue and drives very nicely you can easily notice the weight difference when driving.

It comes with a build in wheel sensor which connects to iPhone via Bluetooth LE to increase precision of speed and distance recording parallel to GPS. But to record my training I still prefer the Trails app. The cannondale app is free and works fine but has no export to GPX feature (it has no way of exporting the recorded tracks as it seems, only as picture) which I need to load the track to MUIMapparium.

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