Sudoku on KC85

Posted by ALB42 on 8. Februar 2021One Comment

Another little project for KC85 (MicroDOS, ML-DOS or any other CP/M) a little game, the Graphic output is really slow, because done by escape sequences, so only a slow thinking game comes to mid, like the sudoku i wrote a while before. But here an other arise it uses a solver to create sudoku fields which are valid, but this is heavy recursive and did not work, but I tweaked it a bit, now it does work most of the times, but sometimes it can not find a suitable solution and just stop (due to bad radnom values for the start). To net let it run in an endless loop I tell the user that there might be a problem with too deep recursive steps and if he wants to try again, mostly it still will not find anything nice, mostly you have to end the program and restart, but most of the time it works.

Sudoku on ML-DOS KC85

I still do not get how the colors work, I found function to change front and back color but they are changing the whole screen. I also found fond a drawing colors but they seem not to do anything, strange. Thats the reason I let it be b/w instead of colors for the fixed values. As marker for the fixed Values I placed a point behind them. To select a field to edit I just use the cursor Keys or wasd 😉

It can also load and save files if you want to stop but later continue the with same field and the positions you found already.

Download Sudoku on the KC85-Programs Page

One comment to "Sudoku on KC85"

  1. Mario Donick sagt:

    Very cool! I use JKCEMU often (currently writing a text adventure as my christmas vacation) and it’s cool that new programs are written even today. Also HEX203 is a great little tool.

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