HEX2 0.3 on KC85

Posted by ALB42 on 5. Februar 2021No Comments

Small improvements on the HEX2 for CP/M especially KC85 with MicroDOS/ML-DOS. Some little suggestions, like a command history and a command line option, both now included. The History option needed that I program myself the key input (instead of just using Readln) but this also means one can now edit the string if you made a mistake. You can use the Cursor keys right and left to move the cursor and type and „Del“ to delete a char, but Delete works here like a Backspace.

The History function keeps the last 10 commands you send to HEX2 in a ring buffer and you can use cursor up and down to browse and edit them.

An other wish was to use the command line parameter to directly calculate and just return the result, rather easy really so I also included that as well.

Download as always on the KC85 Programs Page

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