DeadCold on a native A1200

Posted by ALB42 on 3. Januar 2020No Comments

I also tried DeadCold (and with it the new CRT implementation) on my Amiga 1200 (68030/50Mhz, no GFX card) but the colors did not show up. everything stayed black. But the ConUnit is there and the Pen allocation worked, so what went wrong. I looked again through the documentation and found a little hint. For speed reasons, CON: tries to use as little as possible bitplanes for the output to speed up any scrolls. That was a new information for me. That also means this colorful prompts slowed down the console speed. But when I just write the pens to the ConUnit structure, how he can know that he needs more bitplanes seems it does not detect that automatically. But there is a field in ConUnit named cu_mask, it is not described in the includes but it seems to be exactly controlling that, if I change that, it started to show more colors. And the result is that now the DeadCold also works on a native Amiga 1200, not actually very fast, but it’s ok.

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