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Posted by ALB42 on 18. Juni 2017One Comment

Long time before ChainQ made the Atari port of FreePascal to work again, it’s just a start but you can create some tiny programs even with GUI. Since this my compileserver also compiles Atari FreePascal and supplies a download package.

When creating the Webpage for compiling FreePascal Sources in a Browser for Amiga systems, I already had in mind also do that for the Atari guys. Just it do not fit well with Amiga because the sources are not compatible (especially GUI of course).

So I made a special version for Atari Online Compilation separated with own examples (one for console one for GEM).

Have fun to try: Atari FPC Online Compiler

And of course a little video.

P.S. Bear with me, if I’m doing something stupid here… I never used Atari before 😉

One comment to "Do it Online Atari"

  1. Hi ALb. Been trying to locate you on Facebook.
    I have a couple of servers and would like to setup a couple of build services like you have done here – but it would be great if we could have a chat about it.
    If you could drop me a line on my email (added to this comment) that would be great. Love your work! Hope to hear from you shortly.

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