Fix it Felix…

Posted by ALB42 on 5. Juni 2017No Comments

I found a holder for my Vampire in the Amiga 600.
The current solution are just two little feet attached with some tiny screws.

Of course two feet always wiggle around and after transport the Amiga 600 I have to open the case and press the CPU adapter to the right position.

The holder on Thingiverse should improve that. To spoil the result it works, if it is stable on some transportation, we will see ;-).
I guess the holder is meant to use without the ROM chip holder. The holes one the lower side to attach to the mainboard are a tiny bit shifted. Therefore I had to drill some new holes. Luckily the holder has enough spare place for the Vampire so the whole thing can be moved some millimeters.

The holes for the upper part on the right side are missing (or moved to the end of the lower part, a little bit strange). But not a big problem because I used tiny self-drilling screws. It seems very tight and fixed now. I shaked the whole Amiga 600 a little bit still seems perfectly in place. We will see on next Amiga and RetroComputer Meeting in Berlin when I carry it around a while.

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