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Posted by ALB42 on 22. April 201711 Comments

Some people ask me to supply a Version of the MUIMapparium presented yesterday. No problem, please just remember it’s heavy work in progress, not much is working currently. In principle only Mapping and searching function, but this is already nicely working on all my available Amigas. Please note the m68k-Amiga Version needs RTG (or it will just crash), OS3.1+, MUI of course and without network it’s not really useful ;-). The Amiga Version works nicely on Vampire A600 (RTG Screen) but should also work with every 68020+ Amiga with graphic card, just a little bit slow perhaps. (FPU is not needed, in contrast to Mapparium)
MUIMapparium 0.1:

MUIMapparium on AROS

11 comments to "MUIMapparium to try"

  1. papiosaur sagt:

    Hi ALB42,

    i have tested on MorphOS but don’t work.

    Maybe need dependencies ?

    Thanks for this new version of Mapparium.

  2. papiosaur sagt:

    work from shell but no with the icon 😀

  3. Stefan 'Develin' Blixth sagt:

    I’ve tried the MorphOS build but cannot get the GUI up and running.
    I see the process is running under taskmanager but no visuals. No hits or so in the ramdebug.

    I also tried the 68k binary on MorphOS and that worked =)

    I’ll catch you on IRC later if you like me to help you debug the MorphOS-binary.

  4. Zylesea sagt:

    Very nice so far and pretty stable (MorphOS). The icon requires to add a tooltype (cli) though. I had a non reproducible issue after zooming out too far: redrawing didn’t work then.

    • ALB42 sagt:

      Thanks for the feedback, yes the icon start noticed and reproducible for me, I will work on this.

      How much is too far zoomed out? what function you used to zoom out menu or mouse wheel? what zoom level does the infoline tell you (last number)

  5. Pedro Cotter sagt:

    On the Amithlon 🙂

  6. tester sagt:

    The 68k binary works on OS4.1FE. It’s a little slow but that’s to be expected when run under 68k emulation. However, the „Statistics“ window can’t be closed once it’s open.

  7. polluks sagt:

    Please take a look at your MUI description field, it’s too long right now.
    CBD_DESCRLEN = 40;

    • ALB42 sagt:

      Thanks for that hint, I will change that. Hmm I read the „Short description, about 40 characters. Shown e.g. in commodities exchange.“ from the API not as maximum, just as recommendation.

  8. Yo sagt:

    The download links are broken.

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