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Posted by ALB42 on 6. November 2016One Comment

I found the reason for the crash inside SysInitFPU, it seems it uses by default the wrong FPU type. so Always -Cfvfpv2 has to be added to use the right FPU commands just to make sure I also added the -CpARMV6 to select the CPU instructions suitable for Raspberry Pi and higher. With this changes the helloworld program do not crash anymore. And also the fpc compiler works now (at least the help text).

Freepascal compiler on RPi AROS

Freepascal compiler on RPi AROS

One comment to "ARM Compiler"

  1. magorium sagt:

    Hi ALB42,

    You must be on steroids or something these past few days :-).

    Already a working native compiler ? Impressive work man.

    Congratuliere on the progress as yet another milestone is being reached.

    Thank you for your work and dedication !

    Kind regards,

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