FreePascal on Raspi AROS

Posted by ALB42 on 1. November 2016No Comments

I playing around with my Raspi2 and AROS on it. I tried long time ago already but didn’t get the cross-compiling tools to work. The tools still do no work, but with some manual work, somehow the assembler and linker work, everything I need for fpc 😉
The biggest problem of course is the startup code again, here even more difficult for me, because never used ARM assembler before.
I found the ExecBase at r5, so the most important Data found already. Sadly it crashes then when it enters the PascalMain, I followed it and it seems it crashes inside the SysInitFPU. I have to admit I have no idea about the FPU in Raspi. I remember there are some different modes for FPU. For now I just disabled the the SysInitFPU() and it works. It works somehow with simple hello world application.

FreePascal Hello World application on arm-AROS

FreePascal Hello World application on arm-AROS

The compiler self does not work, just crash.. maybe this missing SysInitFPU has some side effects or more FPU access which crashes. I’m not sure how to continue here maybe I need to ask someone about it.

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