AROS 64bit Distribution

Posted by ALB42 on 5. März 2016One Comment

I played around with AROS64 and freepascal for x86_64-aros. the compiler self works nicely, only sometimes some crashes because it does not make it’s own stack like the other amiga/aros implementations. I should really implement that soon.


For that I got the AROS source and compiled my own AROS 64 bootable CD and setup a qemu with it. There is no official AROS 64bit distribution now. I remember some announced one long time before but nothing happend. So now I will release my little work, together with a working freepascal compiler and named it „The 100% useless AROS distribution“ or short T100pUAD.

The Distribution gets its own page: T100pUAD Page


It includes some ore themes and freepascal, later I will try to improve it more and update it to the latest changes, maybe the 64bit get a little boost, it really needs it.


The freepascal IDE I did not get to work, always crash at the same place, but it’s deep inside of AROS and maybe some memory corruption before. So rather hard to find a reason.

One comment to "AROS 64bit Distribution"

  1. magorium sagt:


    You know… you’re now obligated to rewrite the used AROS tools in native Pascal in order to make it a genuine Pascal distro … don’t you ? ;-p

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