VarArgs Changes

Posted by ALB42 on 24. Januar 2016One Comment

This weekend I did some bigger changes in the AROSUnits for better use of variadic functions in the SDK. The „array of const“ is replaced by „array of PtrUInt“ for all variadic wrappers. Because of this changes all this wrappers can be defined as inline and the arrays does not need to be copied inside the wrapper so it should be a little bit faster (even the effect is not that big I guess).
Also all dependencies to objfpc is removed so if someone want to write a freepascal program without objfpc dependency it should be possible now.
All this changes were discussed here.
But this all means that sources using such variadic functions must be changed, I changed already the fpGUI, LCL and example sources.

One comment to "VarArgs Changes"

  1. magorium sagt:

    Finally ! 🙂

    Thank you (even though that renders most of my examples to be unable to compile now).

    Can we do this for the other two platforms as well ? (please say we can Charlie)

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