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Finally I found the reason for the strange crashes on Amiga and MorphOS on destroy of LCL apps. And now I also understand why it was so difficult to find it. It was … drum roll … not in my code :-O. It’s in the library units of MorphOS and Amiga. Little bit about the basics. On AROS I open the Library (belongs to a unit) inside the initialization section and close it again in the finalization section. I’m used to this behavior from windows DLLs. At Amiga and MorphOS a different way is used. The OpenLibrary is done in the initialization section (for Amiga) or must be done manually (MorphOS). On this OpenLibrary call the ExitProc of the unit is connected to a CloseLibrary routine. So far sounds good, but it seems the problem is that the ExitProc is called BEFORE the finalization of the unit, long time before as it seems, hence the muimaster.library is already closed when I try to destroy my MUI Objects which horrible crashed.
I placed some Debug output in the InitMuiMasterLibrary and CloseMuiMasterLibrary and can clearly see that the CloseMuiMasterLibrary happen before my LCL destroy things are called. I will play around a little bit with it. But in the end I have to talk with Charlie (Maintainer of FPC-MorphOS) about this, how to solve this problem.
This explain also other crashes I experienced before (like the crash of CloseFont for example)

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