There is music in the air

Posted by ALB42 on 17. Oktober 2015No Comments

Deadwood announced a ALSA AHI driver for AROS Hosted which I tried today, the first version crashed AROS completely. But now the second really works very nice. I take out my mp3player again and it is working very nicely, debugging this way is much better ;-).
When I wrote the mp3 player I wanted to make a video with sound, but sadly I noticed the sound recording of RecordMyDesktop seems not to work, its all quiet the whole time. I tried some trick I found online, (direct alsa, pulseaudio and so on) but nothing helped its all quiet. Then I tried some other programs and finally I found one working kazam has not so many options but enough for my needs. So here is my first youtube video with sound 😉

The sound is a free one from youtube Hero Theme by MK2.

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