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Posted by ALB42 on 16. Oktober 2015One Comment

As I said before much better would be to link directly to the C LinkLibs instead of writing this wrapper libraries, in the past I always failed because of the autoinit stuff. But now when creating the libraries I learned a little bit more about how it work and finally I was able to make a statically linked connection directly from freepascal unit to AROS C LinkLib. And it works 🙂

Freepascal program links to C Linklib

Freepascal program links to C Linklib

One comment to "Linking directly"

  1. magorium sagt:

    Hi ALB,

    Christmas is starting _really_ early this year.

    Congratulations on yet another milestone. This one is very good news.

    Can’t wait to ‚peek‘ what’s inside linkhelper 😉


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