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Posted by ALB42 on 12. Oktober 2015One Comment

Good news, the Libraries I created are also compilable at AROS x64, so this learns us two things. First it also works on 64Bit (also with 64Bit freepascal) and Second it also works on ABIv1 (64bit AROS is ABIv1 only). The testlib worked just without any additional actions. sqlite3.library needed some work, seems some C Linklibs are changed so the Makefile libs had to change a lot. The compilation worked well then, but the example program crashed. Seems it always crash when it tries to convert a float to a string, if I read the double by Hand and use the pascal routine to convert it to string it works without problems. Hmm strange problem, especially because the rest is working without any problems. Because of the previous problems with AROS64… it’s maybe a just a AROS64 bug. so I changed my example source 😛 and now it works perfectly.

Freepascal SQLite3 on AROS64

Freepascal SQLite3 on AROS64

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  1. magorium sagt:

    Hi ALB42,

    float conversion issues… hmz.

    Which routine (and which crashed) did you initially use to convert the float to a string ?

    Very very cool stuff there keep them going 🙂

    kind regards,

    When i post, i definitely use enters to paragraph my comments, but it seems the editor disregards them when sending. Is the idea to use html tags ?

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