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Posted by ALB42 on 4. Juli 2015One Comment

I took a very old laptop and installed a new ubuntu (its really bad with only 1GB RAM) and tried to install freepascal with AROS crosscompiler and also crosscompile to AROS. Just to see which steps are needed. Then I also installed lazarus from source (my source from github) hmm seems I destroyed some things for other platforms and again chose a bad point for my branch. It can not create any lfm files, so no new projects/forms possible, I got this message at AROS but I thought its some problem there. So bad seems I have to update my lazarus branch again, always so much trouble. But besides this I got the lazarus GUI to crosscompile AROS lcl programs, and even run them inside AROS, should be much easier coding (for edisyn for example ;-))

One comment to "Lazarus crosscompile"

  1. MarcusF sagt:

    This is wicked great 😀

    If I could get Lazarus crosscompile for AROS I can start making software for it.

    In long run I hope for Lazarus/FPC for AmigaOS4, then I can start making software for Amiga.

    You’re kicking ass ALB!

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