AROS x64 is working, also with GUI

Posted by ALB42 on 29. Juni 2015No Comments

Charlie implemented most of the x64 AROS support to freepascal trunk, most important the syscall. Hence I can use the library units I have already for i386. Of course at first try it just crashes. The reason seems to be that some library calls are not implemented, like Error() in dos.library or CreateRastPort() in intuition, strange I remember at ABIv0 it was written one should use CrateRastPort() instead of self get the memory and initialize… and now its not working anymore. Should be not a big task to alloc mem and call init in such a call? What is the reason of removing such call. Same for Error, it usually just give you the pr_CER of your process so why it can’t do that?


Nevertheless a little bit GUI is working (after dealing with the CreateRastPort/FreeRastPort stuff). The tiny Hello world window on the top right side is the MUITest example I ship with the fpc i386, same for Windowtest which uses intuition and gadtools to oppen window and show a button. the other two demos are fpgui examples.

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